To express your self is to be free. when your live freely you tend to have abetter life but being free might get you into trouble but shake it off they might knock you down because of the way you are but stand back up and shake it off again don't push them but keep walking in the opposite direction and sing your little happy song dust your shoulders of and keep on going but don't be afraid to finally just left the cap blow and confront these butt head losers who are befriend you at the end of the day when they need you.
today is home coming
tommorrow's the game
beyond that we practice 6 days a week every week that adds up to 12 hours a week not including overtime
10 years old 1 day off from Panthers and Cheer Starz not much but enough
zero tolerence for your nonsense and nothing further.
Today was a good day. Someone asked me what is my favorite car? In response I said "I couldn't tell you that. He replied "why" and then I said " Beacuse it hasn't been made yet". But the hilight of my day was seeing how bright my teacher's face was when she saw my brand spanking new website! It made me happy knowing how happy one thing can make another person, I recommend being helpful and nice to the person next to you they may not do the same but you be the better man and as i sign off I'd like to say and you all know who you are, "You gotta keep your head up and you can let your hair down but you've gotta keep your head up" ~Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up
I hope your school year has started off great. I enjoy to switch classes in the mornings with my 5th grade classmates, from math to science, science to social studies. What do you  enjoy and why?
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    I'm a student, hard worker,  athlete and have big dreams to attend a great University. I hope become a role model and entertainer to the world some day.


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